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Let's Love Hong Kong (2002)

Let's Love Hong Kong (2002) - Movies 86 minutes. Ho yuk. Fantasies, dreams, tears, and fears of four women chasing and watching each other in post-colonial Hong Kong. They chase, seduce, resist, and fantasize about each other. A Hong Kong that is as fake as real provides the perfect setting for their games, secrets, screams and tears. “Made-in-China Chan” (in Cantonese: Chan Kwok Chan) works as a stripper in cyberspace, but she often has headaches. Her only solace is from a Mainlander migrant who echoes what Chan does but with a better attitude. Nicole has money and power but she depends on “Made-in-China” to play with virtually at night in order to get some sleep. Zero does not have anything, but she knows what she wants and is determined to get it. Four women meet in a Hong Kong somewhere in the future. How do their desires manifest themselves in this Forbidden City? From totally different backgrounds, they look like they have very different problems, but do they?