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The Exotic Adventures of Jack & Jill (2019)

The Exotic Adventures of Jack & Jill (2019) - Movies 101 minutes. . Jack is a newlywed who’s settling into a quiet suburban life. Jill (Tabitha Stevens) is a sex-crazed fiend who runs a lingerie store and porn studio. Jack and Jill are best friends. But when Jack goes on vacation with his wife and Jill decides to tag along, things get a little dicey. Will Jack’s marriage survive the hedonistic designs of his old pal Jill, or will she unleash the lusty demons of his past in a nuptial-shattering ménage a trois? And what will become of Jill’s empire of smut while she’s on holiday? Find out in this bawdy bedtime story bursting with bodacious babes.