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The Monkey King: Reborn (2021)

The Monkey King: Reborn (2021) - Animation Movies 95 minutes. Journey to the West: Reincarnation of the Demon King, 西游记之人参果, Monkey King Reborn, Xīyóujì zhī Zàishì yāowáng, Xi You Ji Zhi Zai Shi Yao Wang, बंदर राजा पुनर्जन्म. When the irritable monkey king visits a temple together with his master Tang Monk, he feels offended because of a trifle and thereupon accidentally destroys a magic tree growing on the sacred ground. This brings an ancient demon king back to life, who promptly kidnaps Tang Monk to take revenge for his long imprisonment. The monkey king and his followers have only three days to not only save their master but also to prevent the demon king from regaining his full powers and destroying the world… ,