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Bordello of Blood (1996)

Bordello of Blood (1996) - Horror Movies 87 minutes. Tales From The Crypt - Bordello Of Blood, Historias de la Cripta Burdel de Sangre, Tales from the Crypt Presents: Bordello of Blood, Tales from the Crypt 2, Geschichten Aus Der Gruft - Bordello Of Blood, Tales from the Crypt 4 - Bordello of Blood, Bordello Of Blood, Кровавый бордель, Tales from the Crypt - La Reine des vampires, ボーデロ・オブ・ブラッド/血まみれの売春宿, ボーデロ・オブ・ブラッド~血まみれの売春宿~. Private eye Rafe Guttman is hired by repressed, born-again Katherine to find her missing bad-boy brother. The trail leads him to a whorehouse run by a thousand-year-old vampire and secretly backed by Katherine's boss, televangelist Jimmy Current. , , , , ,